Meet Charlie…


HA! It’s been so long since I last wrote a blog post, I almost had to have WordPress IT recover my account for me!  I totally forgot my username AND password.  But as you can see luck was on my side–it’s like the stars are aligning themselves for me or something! J/K!

So…let’s skip the “I’m so sorry I haven’t written lately” stuff and jump right into the knitty-gritty.

I am now a Lead Event Specialist.  I took my food and safety test and passed (yippeee!!!) and now I get to tell the other minions what to do…J/K…sorta.  Ok, they aren’t minions (you and me…and me and you…) and I don’t so much boss as politely ask people to help me.

It’s been an adjustment with my new responsibilities and it definitely hasn’t been rainbows and unicorns.  But I am trying my best to do my job and that’s really all you can do–your best.

We also finally got a manager that knows what she’s doing, which makes life sooo much easier.  We’re even getting new appliances!!!  Oh happy day!!!  Now to make sure the store employees don’t steal or damage them…

I don’t have many adventures to update you on.  This little old man made me a dog out of pearls and then made it do tricks and bark–that was the sweetest thing ever and totally made my day!

Meet Charlie…


One of my regular customers has a crush on all of us ladies.  He comes in to eat samples and socialize with the Event Specialists…for HOURS!!!!  We mostly talk about books…with mermaids, fairies and other fairy tales.  And he’s quite the collector as well.

We were told last weekend though, that we can’t engage with him more than about 10 min and to come to the back if he won’t leave you alone.  And as much as I totally understand the reasoning behind the new policy, it makes my heart hurt.  You can tell he’s just lonely and wants someone to talk to.  He unmarried, unemployed and doesn’t like spending time with his family, so he comes to our store and talks to a captive audience.

I really think he’s harmless and have never been creeped out by him.  My co-workers beg to differ but really the old man is just lonely.  Though he says he prefers the company of dogs to that of humans.

And like I said, I get why that policy was put into effect.  He does turn people off from trying samples because people don’t want to interrupt or wait til he leaves.  And those are potential buyers of the products we are trying to market.

So I get it.  It’s just not in my nature to ignore someone like that and tell them to go away.  I’ve been lonely before and sometimes just interacting with another human being is all that stands in the way of being bombarded with depressive thoughts.

So I will do as I’m told, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.


Black Friday…Lameness


Black Friday was lame.  There were hardly anyone in the store by the time I got to work. There were no crazy lines or crowds of people.  I was expecting more excitement than that and was sorely disappointed.

I even got some great deals myself!

At the store I work at, they have a marked down/clearance section of the store.  It’s really tiny and the stuff is usually haphazardly arranged on a few shopping carts.  This is usually damaged things or things that have been opened up and they can’t charge full price for the items.  Or sometimes it’s just the last one in the store so they mark it down.

I have gotten used to perusing this small section before my shift and also during lunch cuz I have learned they add to the pile through out the day.

Yesterday as I was perusing the clearance items, I found an office chair for a hundred dollars off the original price.  This chair was made by Serta so you know it’s comfortable and to make the deal even sweeter, it heated and massaged the person sitting in the chair!

Now, the Hubby was wanting a new gaming chair and I was thinking I would have to spend at least $150 on one.  When I saw this one, I was sooo excited!!!  I took a picture of it and sent it to the Hubby and he said “SOLD!”

Since I couldn’t buy it right away, I wheeled it back to the kitchen and put a sign on it, telling people not to remove it cuz I was going to purchase it later in the afternoon.

I got one of my friends a job where I work and she just so happened to be on the breakfast shift so was going to be going home in the next couple of hours.  Luckily she has a van and was able to transport it home for me.

The Hubby got it and freaking loved it.  BOOM! Birthday is done!

I went back later to the clearance section during lunch and found two blankets I had had my eye on for a week or so.  They are the softest blankets ever!!!  Seriously…I don’t think you can find something softer.  And because they had been opened, they were six dollars off each!  BOO-YA!!!  So I snagged them quickly.  I actually beat this guy to them…hehehe!

So there you have it–my excitement on Black Friday.  I bought a chair and two blankets.  I was rather impressed with myself cuz I never even think about venturing out on Black Friday cuz all the people stress me out.  But you know since I had to be at work anyways….and since people weren’t crazy, it all worked out.

P.S. I sampled bagels with nothing on them.  It was one of the most boring days ever!!!  Hopefully, today is better, but I’m not holding my breath since I have protein shakes… bleh!


Mr. Magoo Can Do It Too


Today was a boring and yet quite frustrating day.  I’m kind of getting a taste of what my job is going to be like once I get through all of my training for the Lead Event Specialist—and I’m already a little stressed about it.  I have so much to learn and I’m afraid people aren’t going to take me seriously.

“Oh it’s just ChipMunk.” (my nickname at work)

“Why should I do anything she says?”

Uh, because it’s your job!  And you should do it properly if you want to keep it!

Ok.  So I don’t feel that way towards everyone–there’s just a few that really irk me.  But I can’t hold their hand.  They have to be responsible for their own actions and I can’t put my job on the line for them.  Which is harder than you may think.

I’m the type of person that wants everyone to succeed, even if that means having to do the work myself and dragging them along for the ride, instead of letting them learn to do it themselves.  (Helping my kid with homework should be a blast! NOT!)  I can’t do everything for everyone.  I have to let them live and learn.  I can’t place their responsibilities on my shoulders.  I can guide and teach, but ultimately, they have to do it on their own.  In the mean time, I’ll be over here biting my nails and worrying like crazy.

Remember when I said I worked with all kinds of people from all different walks of life?  Well, as I’ve gotten to know each of my co-workers, I have observed some of their strengths and weaknesses.  I know what they are all capable of and what would typically overwhelm them.

I am the kind of person that gets overwhelmed easily, but I push through it and break things down into simpler steps.  Sometimes that means doing one product at a time instead of simultaneously  or splitting my products up–doing one before lunch and a different one after lunch.  And I always try to not let the customer rush me.  If they really want a sample, they will wait til I have one ready.  Most of my goofs have happened because I was rushing.

Today, I saw a co-worker (we’ll call him Mr. Magoo), struggling with his demo.  He had 3 different products and he was overwhelmed and totally disorganized.  Now, I have known Mr. Magoo for 6 months now and know he can handle only 2 products at a time and should only deal with pre-cooked foods when it comes to cooking.  Did I mention Mr. Magoo was in his 80’s???  Anyways I brought my concerns up to the Boss Man and he just brushed them aside.  Said it was an easy demo and what was so difficult about it?

Now, I like the Boss Man.  I do.  And I cut him a little slack since he is still learning the ropes, but my gosh, he’s also like 30 years younger than Mr. Magoo!!!  And something that is easy for say, a twenty -something year old is not going to be easy for a man in his 80’s.  That’s just common sense.  But the Boss Man didn’t listen.  He didn’t take into consideration that people have limits.  Heck, even I have limits!  And I’m supposed to be a spring chicken!!!

It was sooo frustrating and my heart just went out to Mr. Magoo cuz I just didn’t know how to help him.  And he’s such a sweetheart that he’d never admit he can’t do something or even ask for help.

Eventually, we were able to simplify things for him and he survived his demo.  Mr. Magoo is always sneaking me samples—just like Grandpa.  It was actually quite tasty too!

A Bad Case of the Mondays


I was completely off my game yesterday.  It felt like someone had sucked all my good karma away and left me with just the horrible, horrible, bad karma.  It was awful!  I couldn’t do anything right and everything just fell apart.

I was originally supposed to do a gum event, which is a no-brainer.  I just stand there and give out pieces of gum–easy-peasy.  Less stress but more boredom.

Instead, I was asked to switch with one of my co-workers, so I switched out my less stress/more boredom for more stress/less boredom.  Which was fine cuz I was completely capable of doing a biscuit and broccoli and cheese demo.

Or so I thought…

My day went something like this:

  • Switch demo.
  • The store didn’t have my biscuits so I switched to crescent rolls.
  • Had to move the beast of a microwave twice on my cart cuz the electric cord wouldn’t reach.
  • I apparently dropped my knife on the floor but didn’t notice (don’t worry, I found it before anyone got hurt).
  • My electric blew 3 times while trying to bake the crescent rolls in the oven.
  • The first batch of crescent rolls were doughy (complaint by customer)
  • Put said batch back in the oven and burned them but luckily they were still salvageable .
  • Tried cooking my broccoli and cheese in the microwave but come to find out they were still ice cold in places (complaint by customer.

My self-esteem was totally shot by then so I moved my cart to another part of the store, hoping the electric would fair better.  When I came back from lunch I decided to forget the broccoli and cheese until the crescent rolls were all done and then I would switch product when I ran out of crescent rolls.

Or so that was the plan…

  • I burnt a WHOLE can of crescent rolls–like charred them until they were black.
  • Threw them away when an employee said they weren’t edible.
  • Gave up on the crescent rolls and switched to the broccoli and cheese.
  • I was heating my second bag of my product when the electric went out…AGAIN!!!

By this point, I was so ticked off, I sent a text to my lead and told her I was done and heading back to the kitchen to clean and organize for the rest of my shift.

I just couldn’t handle it anymore.  I was completely maxed out on everything and just wanted the day to be over already.  Which of course it wasn’t, but a girl can dream, right???

Don’t Call Me Sweetheart!


I wear a name tag every day at work.  It’s attached to my apron and sometimes I forget that it’s there.  Every once in a while, someone will incorporate my name in their greeting and it weirds me out.  I know they are trying to be more personal, but that’s just the thing—it feels way too personal!  I want to say, “Hey! You don’t know me and until you do, you can’t use my name!”  But instead, I smile and nod and pretend it doesn’t bother me.

The other day, a guy called me Sweetheart.  And he wasn’t an old guy either–he was like early 30’s.  It kind of creeped me out.  I wanted to say, “My name is Emily, not Sweetheart!”  Which by the way is written on my name tag and is attached to my apron.  Just one look at me would confirm that my name is in all actuality, in deed, not Sweetheart.  And the was with his significant other at the time!!!  It was just weird.

The Case of the Missing Cookies


My demo yesterday was to actually bake cookies…again.  But this time it was legit–I doubled checked to make sure I had the right item numbers so as not to have a repeat of Monday.  I made fudge brownie cookies and then was told to make an icing to add on top.  I thought it was overkill but I did as I was told.

I ended up baking about 8 dozen cookies in 6 hours.  Of course every customer only got a fourth of a cookie, but hey, it’s not dessert–it’s a sample.

Sometime after my break, I lost 2 dozen, unbaked cookies.  I made my usual 2 dozen after break and when I went to make my last 2 dozen of the day, the packages of cookie dough were gone!  They weren’t in the fridge or the trash but there was an empty box sitting on the counter.  I have no clue where they went.  I’m pretty sure I’m not a nin-come-poop and forgot I baked 2 dozen cookies.  If so, I’m having some really horrible memory problems.

My guess is they grew legs and walked away…into someone’s bag.  I can’t prove that, but there’s really no other explanation for it.  Sometimes things get thrown away at the end of the day but for something to go missing in the middle of a demo is completely abnormal.  And nothing else was taken.  Weird, to say the least.

So it’s a Mystery…

I Make Ugly Cookies


I made some cookies for my demo yesterday…they were really ugly.  But people still ate them–one of the pros of offering free food, AKA they don’t care.

wpid-20151102_143230-1.jpgwpid-20151102_170953-1.jpgI actually ended up doing the wrong cookies but didn’t realize til the end of my demo. I didn’t even get the brand right.  I feel like a real numb-chuck.  I tell people all the time to check the item numbers…and what do I forget???  To check the item numbers of course!  DUH!!!

I’m really hoping I’m not in hot water with corporate over this or that my manager doesn’t get in trouble for it.  I take full responsibility for screwing up.  I assumed I knew exactly what I was doing and failed.  Note to self: never assume anything!!!

I even made more work for myself than I needed to.  Pretty sure the cookies I was supposed to demo were pre-packaged.  All I had to do was hand them out.  But instead I baked cookies and had to endure the sad eyes of the little kids that walked by when there weren’t any samples ready yet.

Seriously, sometimes these kids really pull on my heart strings.  You can tell getting a free sample is a real treat for them cuz they get so excited and then when you tell them they aren’t ready yet, their smile plummets and they look like their dog just died.  And that’s not even the worst of it: As their parents continue to shop in the area you’re set up in, they follow you with those puppy dog eyes.  It’s uncomfortable to say the least.